Quickstart offer

QuickStart: CRM for charities and non-profits in just a few days! 

Using the donated Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) from Salesforce.org we get you up and running with an enhanced customer relationship management (CRM) package tailored to your charity, social enterprise or non-profit organisation.


About the Salesforce NPSP

The NPSP is a set of managed packages developed and maintained by Salesforce.org. It allows non-profits to manage common business processes quickly and efficiently.

It’s a flexible, scalable CRM pack that can be further developed to meet the growing needs of your organisation. Core functionality includes CRM, communications management and ‘relationship’, functionality which allows you to identify high-worth individuals, corporates and trusts.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything as it’s donated by Salesforce to charities and non-profits!


What does QuickStart offer from Giveclarity involve?

We’ve found that many eligible organisations fail to take advantage of the fabulous NPSP donated package. This can be through trepidation, time constrictions or not really knowing where to start.

We think this is a tragedy for the charity sector. So we’ve developed our QuickStart offer to get you going.

The offer involves just a few days specialist consultancy to get you up and running, including:

  • time spent with you and key team members to gain a good understanding of how you work, your current processes, existing systems and your aspirations
  • we then set up:
    • the NPSP and make some additional customisation to get you up and running quickly
    • show you some really useful free applications (‘apps’) e.g. for integration with Outlook, to send mass e-mail campaigns and monitor social media activity, and set up for you as required
    • set up Salesforce ‘Leads’ to manage the contact details of people who sign up for e-mails from your website or of general enquirers. We can provide you with the HTML (code) for incorporation into your website
  • we then:
    • discuss with you how best to migrate any existing data into your new CRM platform
    • train your users on how to use the system
    • support you in those vital first few weeks after ‘go live’

You will have a single point of contact within Giveclarity from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss QuickStart options!

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