Digital Experience Manager, Action against hunger Spain

Ignacio Alvarez

"We are very satisfied with Giveclarity. It is one of the best partners we have ever had. They have a solid knowledge on Marketing Cloud which has been very helpful. Their attitude is excellent! Very organised, structured, professional, flexible and proactive. They have led the project efficiently, highlighting when risks came up, liaising with whoever was needed to solve issues, speeding up if needed, and always with a positive and constructive attitude. We strongly recommend them as a partner to implement Marketing Cloud."

Challenges resolved:

Giveclarity was chosen among other Salesforce integrators to set up its Marketing automation tool for its experience in meeting ACH Spain challenges, namely:

  • Help ACH Spain with marketing strategy by starting the project with a marketing strategy workshop and drafting a marketing action plan
  • Ensure the adoption of the new tool by the teams by training the team and providing tipsheets that include answers to all possible questions a MC user may have
  • Increase internal collaboration by involving all relevant teams into the project
  • Improve supporter segmentation by sharing best practices and setting up our one-of-the-kind segmentation accelerators
  • Communicate with their community based on its interaction needs and communication preferences by configuring custom donor journeys and consent/preference centers

Project Manager, Giveclarity

Julia Narkeviciute

“Working with Ignacio and his team was the highlight of my last year. The team was engaged and active from the very beginning when everyone concerned convened to our marketing strategy workshop. Up until our launch celebration, the project delivery was smooth and energising thanks to ACH Spain team’s welcome, curiosity and participation”

Marketing Cloud Consultant, Giveclarity

Eva Armenteros

“We are very happy having setup Marketing Cloud for ACH Spain with two custom donor journeys on time and on budget. We are all the more delighted to continue our cooperation helping the team create further journeys and guide them in their marketing strategy.”