About Client

The Catholic Committee against hunger and for development is a French Catholic humanitarian aid NGO.

As a historical actor of change in 67 countries, CCFD-Terre Solidaire acts against all forms of injustice.

They work to ensure that everyone’s fundamental rights are respected: have enough to eat, live with dignity from one’s work, live in a healthy environment, choose where to build one’s life…

The Challenge

  • Their data model was not allowing them to easily segment when sending their weekly/monthly campaigns
  • Their data model was not robust enough to inject supporters in their journeys easily
  • They used to have too many contacts in SFMC, without processes to control that
  • Not a clear vision on what can be done with SFMC and how to plan the journeys
  • Could not integrate offline activities

The Solution

  • Implementation of the Marketing Cloud platform: Email Studio, Journey Builder, MC Connect integration, MobileConnect and additional Studios
  • Building of a data model for Marketing Cloud
  • Implementation of Giveclarity’s Contact CARE in order to control the contact count of Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Implementation of Giveclarity’s Audience Assembler, to help Terre Solidaire segment their audiences
  • Implementation of Custom Journey Builder Activity, allowing Terre Solidaire to do API call or update Marketing Cloud with a custom UI
  • 3 days of training in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • On-site workshops to review Marketing Cloud set-up and member experience


An on-site workshop to review Marketing Cloud set-up and member experience


  • Terre Solidaire are now able to build meaningful & lasting supporter relationships
  • They can better control and monitor their contact base in Marketing Cloud, including re-engaging with inactive contacts to keep their donor base healthy
  • Audience selections simplified, with flexible and extensible metrics for segmentation - automated reusable segments speed up sends

Head of Marketing Automation and Innovation, CCFD-Terre Solidaire

Marie-Helene Vouilloux

"I highly recommend working with Giveclarity. They helped us with our marketing cloud implementation, and they structured it well according to our needs. Our partnership also includes projects on technical support issues or development projects such as working on donor journeys. We now have a daily partner who knows our account and our marketing strategy so it's very precious. They are proactive and always available to answer our questions. They understand the non-profit environment and our needs. It's a team you can count on, and very enjoyable to work with."