Project Aims

CharityComms have been using Salesforce for a number of years but they were becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of documentation and overall understanding of how the system was working for them. The system is business critical to CharityComms and they were looking for a trusted partner to address current issues and to work with moving forward.

The Solution

  • To establish key priorities first – so we focused on the issues that will have the greatest impact
  • Establish a more robust way of making changes to the system – always testing in a sandbox and client approval before moving any changes to the Live system
  • Realistic approach – not changing what works well and thinking long term as well as immediate needs
  • Enable and empower the client – providing a full explanation of what we are doing and why, train the client to make changes as appropriate so they can keep costs their down


“Giveclarity were able to grasp our complex systems really quickly and give us clear direction in how we should prioritize development. They are incredibly intuitive to our skills set and allow us to take on and manage work were appropriate whilst they retain the more complex development functions which works out very cost effective. The team are incredibly friendly, very patient and always provide a clear explanation of why they are approaching work in a particular way - this really does create a fantastic working relationship”