The Challenge

Salesforce had been used for 2 years by Childnet, but further development was required. Some business processes were still heavily reliant on Excel spreadsheets, and there was a need for automating certain business processes.

Project Aims

Replace the use of spreadsheets to:

  • record each school’s recruitment process
  • record each school’s training progress
  • record technical issues
  • Record other key information including ensuring schools supply information in a timely manner

The Solution

  • Customisation of existing Salesforce – configuring the Account, Contact, Opportunity and Opportunity Product objects to support many of the details which were being captured in Spreadsheets
  • Implementing a number of automated system actions, such as sending email reminders to school contacts at appropriate “milestone” events
  • Workflows for automated outbound emails and internal task generation and field updates

Childnet International

“Overall the Childnet team are extremely happy with the solution provided by Giveclarity met with their requirements. The collaboration between the Childnet and Giveclarity teams resulted in the project being delivered on time and within agreed budget.”