The Challenge

In 2015, CBM UK launched a 4 year strategy. The 3 strategic goals were:

• People with disabilities will experience positive and lasting change

• UK policy and practice will increasingly support sustainable change for people with disabilities

• Our target audiences will grow and be increasingly engaged

CBM needed a new CRM system that will help the team to achieve these goals.

Project Aims

CBM wished to have an integrated user-friendly supporter relationship database which will:

• provide CBM UK with a single source of accurate and consistent management information

• support the Fundraising & Communications Department to maximise the potential of our donors

• grow and improve our engagement with mid-and-top-level supporters

• engage with our audience, with diverse offerings, channels and messages appropriate for each audience

• increase income due to improved reach through better data insights

• achieve significant efficiency through integration with other CBM systems and improved business processes

• be used by all staff across the organisation for managing supporters and all their interactions

The Solution

Using Salesforce and the NPSP we delivered a solution to address the charity’s needs around:

• A single accurate view of all supporters

• Capture of accurate data, such as addresses

• Improved major donor management processes

• Integration with a new OCR system

• Improved integration with the existing website and online payment systems

• Improved marketing/segmentation/messaging capabilities

• Accurate Gift-Aid claim generation

• Reliable finance reconciliation, including adjustments

• Outlook integration

• A single source of accurate and consistent management information

• An adaptable/expandable platform for the future