The Challenge

CFI are looking for a CRM system to help put supporters at the centre of the organisation, both in the UK and across target territories around the globe. This CRM will support:

  • Fundraising
  • Campaigning
  • Supporter care
  • Corporate donations
  • Trusts & foundations donations
  • Legacy administration & marketing
  • Policy/Legal/Science contact management

And the CRM will provide:

  • Advanced analysis and reporting
  • Internal ownership of all data
  • A single view of all contacts (where appropriate) to user in the UK and abroad
  • Greater insight into supporters’ interactions with CFI and opportunities for further engagement
  • Increase communications capacity and sophistication

It is also essential that the system be able to grow in size and functionality as CFI expand.

The Solution

  • Set up of The Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)
  • Installation and configuration of Gift Aid tools – including tracking and reconciling payments from HMRC
  • Salesforce will be set up to facilitate payments in GBP, EUR and USD using the standard Salesforce multi-currency solution
  • Ability to schedule a complete backup of all data on a weekly basis
  • Integration of Clarity Import, Engaging Networks, Valldata, website, outbound bulk emails and social media
  • Clarity Banking to process payments
  • Dedicated user training period on-site
  • Creation of an extensive suite of reports and dashboards