The Challenge

Fairtrade identified a need for a single Supporter Data Management System (SDMS) to support these activities. Prior to their move to Salesforce, their data existing data was in various sources, meaning considerable data cleansing/preparation was required.

Project Aims

  • To consolidate all separate data systems, particulalrly those related to fundraising, so as to obtain a single view of supporters
  • To improve data quality and ensure good data governance, for example around duplicate management and consent tracking
  • Better understand their supporters’ interests in individual giving
  • To save administrative resources through the use of automated processes and add-on applications (e.g. integration of direct debit, easy process for gift aid).

Fairtrade had a number of disparate systems being used (e.g. Engaging Networks, IMIS, Excel and Outlook).  While some of these were to be phased out, Engaging Networks was to continue being used to engage with supporters online and so easy integration of this data into Salesforce was key. In addition to these internal databases, donations made through third party platforms such as JustGiving and CAF needed to be integrated with the new, single supporter view.

The Solution

Fairtrade chose Salesforce and the Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) as the platform for this activity.   In addition, they chose a number of apps from Giveclarity such as Clarity Banking, Clarity Data Transform and Clarity Gift Aid.  Clarity Baking is used for the reconciliation of banking files containing Standing order information. A banking process was previously taking 3 days to complete, it now takes 30mins!

Clarity Data Transform was deployed for files from Engaging Networks, Virgin Money and Just Giving and Clarity Gift Aid to manage the Gift Aid process end to end.  A key part of the system was integrating Salesforce with Engaging Networks, (used for campaigning activity).

What were the benefits of the integration?

EN is now synced with Salesforce every night, with minimal manual intervention  – this two systems were completely separate previously holding the single source of truth in salesforce about contacts who have opted into emails, and have taken online actions – what they are seeing and when they are responding.   Credit Card donations are automatically created against supporter records in Salesforce, allowing quicker thanking of supporters for their generosity.

Data Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

Tim Boddy

“Thank all of your fabulous people for their hard work on the Fairtrade project. You've all been excellent to work with, and have done a great job for us.”