The Challenge

GNB were already using Salesforce but were looking to make some improvements in how it was being used. This project was primarily to address the requirements for the Girls Not Brides Member Induction process

The Girls Not Brides Partnership Team deals with approximately 200 new membership applications every year. This included numerous steps and activities:

  • Processing membership application forms in 3 languages
  • Pushing some from an online system which is English only onto Salesforce
  • Manually adding French and Spanish applications by copy/pasting form information received by email into Salesforce
  • Welcoming new members to the partnership
  • Holding induction calls

The process was very labour intensive, and suffered from a number of technical problems (for example, information was not synchronising between the online application form and Salesforce correctly) and other issues that caused bottlenecks and delays.

Project Aims

  • Increased automation
  • English version of ‘Member Application’ forms logged immediately in Salesforce, upon completion, along with any attached documents
  • ‘Member Induction Emails’ sent out automatically
  • Training to enable Girls Not Brides’ staff to manage the implementation process

The Solution

  • Moving the GNB team of users from the Salesforce Classic interface to Lightning – which enables the use of many new features including ‘Lightning for Outlook’ connector, as well as campaign features
  • Moving the online application form from the current platform onto FormAssembly – providing improved integration features with Salesforce such as:
    • ability through FormAssembly to create new Account records, Contacts and Affiliations in Salesforce
    • the Form Assembly Salesforce Connector can search on set criteria to avoid creating duplicate records
    • attachments are uploaded into Salesforce as Files against Account record
  • Creating an ‘opportunity’ in Salesforce to reflect the Membership record and using Process Builder to enable an automated email journey with personalized emails for each opportunity
  • Onsite training showing how to use Lightning and FormAssembly

Member Engagement Officer

Macarena Espinar López

“Giveclarity provided their expert knowledge to help us work more efficiently and maximise our use of Salesforce. They offered an amazing level of support all throughout the project. Their consultant was very supportive and receptive to our suggestions. They were very responsive to all our requests and very accommodating to our changing needs. We’ve really appreciated working with her and the rest of the Giveclarity team on this project."