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About Greenpeace Nordic and Giveclarity

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning network operating in 55 countries  that acts to expose global environmental problems, and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future.

Greenpeace Nordic operates in the 4 Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The organisation is a respected and vocal champion for environmental justice in the Nordics, standing up against fossil-fuel giants and acting to protect precious natural forests while promoting sustainable food production and climate solutions that work towards a green and just transition, amongst other things.  As one of Greenpeace’s leading fundraising offices, Greenpeace Nordic has over 140,000 donors throughout the region and around 500,000 campaigning supporters.

Giveclarity have extensive experience of successfully delivering Salesforce fundraising solutions at large data volumes, including for Greenpeace UK and Greenpeace International.

The Challenge

Previously, Greenpeace Nordic used an outdated, bespoke CRM system. The main shortcomings of this system included:

  • Significant risks associated with knowledge being held and important processes being carried out by just a few individuals
  • Limited functionality
  • Extensive manual processes
  • Limitations of the underlying database to handle large data volumes

Overall, the system struggled to effectively support ongoing organisational growth and the need for more efficient, streamlined processes.

Project Aims

The key objective of this project was to provide Greenpeace Nordic with a modern platform that could help the organisation engage more efficiently and effectively with their large and continuously growing donor and supporter base, both now and into the future. The following aims were identified:

  • Business continuity
  • Better documented and more efficient business processes
  • System maintenance with minimal internal IT skills
  • A modern market-leading cloud platform with an open API
  • Capacity to perform frequent upgrades
  • Scalability to allow for continued growth

By moving to the Salesforce CRM platform, GPN has created a 360° view of their supporters, enabling them to positively engage and deepen their relationships. They have also seen staff efficiency increase, streamlined payment and other processes and benefited from the onboarding of new payment channels.

The Solution

View of a sample case within the Donor Care Console

Giveclarity developed a powerful solution:

  • Salesforce CRM to manage key fundraising activities, such as regular and one-off giving. The system is built to scale at huge volumes, with over 2.7 million donations and close to 600,000 contacts recorded in Salesforce.
  • The Donor Care team has been provided with market-leading Salesforce Service Cloud functionality such as Email-to-Case, escalation rules, and case queues. From one console they can now manage all enquiries and are empowered to provide the best possible support.
  • Giveclarity’s Consent Management solution supports GPN’s requirements with GDPR compliance and manages their donor marketing consent preferences.
  • Clarity Banking, Giveclarity’s banking app, enables GPN to integrate with banking platforms across 4 different countries, all from one place.
  • Clarity Data Transform allows GPN to take regular imports of data from a wide range of third-party sources, allowing them to stay on top of ever-evolving fundraising
  • Giveclarity’s Export to Finance solution provides reconciliation with GPN’s accounting system.
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowing automated supporter journeys and single send email integration

Get the bigger picture of Greenpeace Nordic’s journey to become a Salesforce trailblazer here!

Nordic Deputy Fundraising Director, Greenpeace Nordic

Jesper Bigum

The Giveclarity team were able to take our vision and make it a reality for us: both on time and on budget. As we were very tight on the investment we could make, they helped to identify and guide us through those aspects that we could do within our team to keep our costs down. Now that we are on the other side of the implementation of NPSP, the whole organisation is not only benefiting, but the users are thrilled with the product.

Fundraising & Deputy Executive Director, Greenpeace Nordic

Celeste Stewart

“One of the greatest benefits we’ve seen is the ease of introducing new payment channels, something we had struggled with previously.”

Giveclarity Lead Consultant on the project

Eze Chiana

"Greenpeace Nordic and Giveclarity came together and became a team, one family, with a shared purpose, vision and goal. Everyone understood their role and value on the project, and received or gave support to other team members when needed. Challenges were addressed collectively, and sprint retrospectives provided the healthy, safe environment to celebrate successes and continually re-chart the course towards the goal.

This project shows how the alchemical interaction of teamwork, trust and sponsor engagement can bring about amazing project outcomes.