The Challenge

ISWAN wanted to future-proof their CRM and introduce a dynamic and stable platform which would be a valuable tool for future growth. The challenge was to build a solution within a fixed budget that maximises the CRM benefits for the charity.

Project Aims

  • Introduce a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system which allows ISWAN to record all details of a Seafarer’s contact with each of their helplines
  • Be able to add more Helplines
  • Ability for users to easily create real time ad-hoc reports
  • Access for users overseas
  • To be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
  • Customer survey facility
  • Provide the ability to record memberships and donations in future
  • To manage their CRM in house and not be dependent on an external supplier

The Solution

ISWAN, working with Giveclarity, chose to use Salesforce and the Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) to capture their Cases (Helpline) records, as well as future membership and donation information.

This was configured to suit the requirements for recording of Seafarers and other contacts, details of Ships, Seafarers’ Countries of Origin and Agencies to which Seafarers have been referred.

  • Cases were used to record ‘Helpline’ questions for 4 different Helplines, and Tasks for any follow-up interactions on the case
  • Opportunities with standard NPSP functionality was used for the future requirement of Memberships and Donations.
  • Custom Apps were created – one for the Case Management team and one for the Membership/Funders Team.
  • The requirement around a ‘knowledge centre’ was handled by use of standard Accounts and Contacts objects.
  • Key reports (approx. 200) were built for each of the 4 Helplines to meet monthly, quarterly and annual KPI reporting.
  • Report building training and administrator trainings were conducted, alongside production of a ‘Case Management Guide’ for new users, which was handed over to ISWAN for future updates, to make the charity self-sufficient after project completion.

Former Head of Operations, ISWAN

Ray Barker

"Working with the Giveclarity consultant has been a real pleasure. Her knowledge of Salesforce is incredible, her problem solving excellent and she is extremely patient and easy to get on with. All in all it has been a great pleasure working with her and she is a great advert for Giveclarity."