The Challenge

To move to a new CRM system. Systems were out of sync as Progress CRM, Engaging Networks and the TLMEW Website worked in silos and did not automatically communicate with each other.

Growth of technology has meant emails, Facebook and Twitter are increasingly popular, hence the need for a way to manage all these different kinds of ways to interact. Also, there was a desire to attract new supporters such as baby boomers and millennials who are more inclined to use mobile devices and numerous digital applications.

Processes and IT systems must comply with legislative changes such as the new EU Data Protection Act.

Project Aims

  • Improved and additional system functionality to support fundraising and supporter care activities
  • Improved quality, flexibility, speed and ease of reporting
  • Automated two-way daily data transfer between Salesforce and Engaging Networks
  • Easy to access, but secure system with Effective Disaster Recovery
  • Staff can quickly adapt to Salesforce
  • Adherence to new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • Easy management and creation of donor journeys
  • Improved donor interaction by segmentation, targeting, personalisation etc.

The Solution

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for CRM and to manage key fundraising activities such as regular and individual giving
  • Clarity Banking (Giveclarity AppExchange App) for Banking processing – BACS reconciliation and follow-on processes
  • Clarity Gift Aid (Giveclarity AppExchange App) – to automate HMRC Gift Aid claiming
  • Clarity Data Transform for importing third party files
  • Data Migration into Salesforce
  • Engaging Networks integration
  • Configure campaigns, including Campaign Export Format (CEF) tool