The Challenge

This project was designed to implement a customer relationship management system (CRM) that can be used by LGFB, and move from the current CRM system e-Tapestry, GAMs and Excel sheets which stores all their information related to Organisations, Contacts, Volunteers, Fundraising, Donations, etc. This entailed the setup and customisation of a single Salesforce instance.

The current systems did not provide LGFB the level of reporting they required and did not provide a 360-degree view of all the various contacts and organisations they have contact with. All departments maintained their own versions of data meaning there was a high possibility of duplication in data and a ‘single view’ was impossible. Also, many processes were extremely manual and time consuming, so automation was a key factor.

Project Aims

  • Decrease in the level of duplicate information
  • Improved sharing of information and activity across departments/teams
  • Improved Volunteer Management
  • Ease of entering new contacts
  • Ease of managing and growing fundraising
  • Monitoring interactions with all contacts
  • Improved Reporting
  • Improved stock level management
  • Reduce administration through integration with the website

The Solution

  • Better volunteer lifecycle management, volunteer workshops, time logging against workshops (using the NPSP Volunteers for Salesforce app)
  • Liaised with website partner to help them in connecting salesforce with the new website that would allow volunteers to register, login, book for workshops etc,
  • Ability to capture consent from webforms
  • Record various relationships that an individual can have with LGFB and enable recording various organisations
  • Record Donation such as product donations, Gift in Kind, individual donations, regular donation,  payroll giving, sponsorship, membership, soft and hard credit from individual and corporates
  • Installation and customisation of SMS Magic for text messages to volunteers (inbound and outbound)
  • Integrated S-Docs to allow creation of pdf/ word merge document  and set up sample templates
  • Connect Salesforce with social channels Twitter and Facebook
  • Eventbrite integration with Salesforce to bring in paid event data into the CRM
  • Campaign Monitor integration with salesforce for sending mass emails
  • Supported set up of Salesforce for Outlook
  • Data transformation and data loading into salesforce

Look Good Feel Better

“Implementing Salesforce has meant that many LGFB employees now have more time freed up for more interesting and varied work; in general the team can be less siloed and staff can work across broader areas of the charity.”