The Challenge

Support for Mary’s Meals is global, with fundraising groups in Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK and USA.

Each country used a different CRM system or spreadsheets to manage the supporter base. Mary’s Meals wanted to implement an enterprise-wide CRM solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Project Aims

Mary’s Meals is all about meaningful supporter relationships. An integrated CRM solution was required to enhance and support well-designed processes and systems that will help bolster its mission to:

  • Improve the supporter experience
  • Provide more self-service options
  • Provide enhanced and compliant CRM capabilities
  • Become more data-driven, i.e., make strategic decisions based on verifiable data
  • Ensure they would become compliant with the introduction of new GDPR laws, PCI standards, and future changes to charity and finance law, e.g., Gift Aid etc.

The Solution

  • Configured Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for CRM with standard Lightning functionality to manage key fundraising activities such as regular and individual giving
  • Configured single sign-on integration of Salesforce with Active Directory
  • Implemented capability to manage the lifecycle of the Mary’s Meals’ flagship ‘Sponsor a School’ programme; including individual and corporate supporter signup, fundraising over a calendar year, sponsorships and re-sponsorships of schools over multiple years together with very detailed real time and advanced analytics
  • Configured authentication of supporters using Salesforce Customer Community
  • Giveclarity configured Salesforce for the recording and maintenance of various data attributes for each supported school throughout its life cycle, from potential to active within Mary’s Meals’ feeding programmes
  • Implemented multicurrency to enable processing of donations in the local currency of the affiliates in different countries and centralised reporting capability
  • Configured the ability to export donation income from Salesforce into the accounting system thus maintaining a sync between the two systems
  • Configured supporters, volunteers, opportunities, campaigns, affiliations on the CRM – all in one place
  • Configured the ability to receive and manage in-kind gifts eg. backpacks, textiles and material aid
  • Set up Clarity Banking (Giveclarity AppExchange App) for Banking processing – BACS reconciliation and follow-on processes
  • Set up Clarity Gift Aid (Giveclarity AppExchange App) – to automate HMRC Gift Aid claiming
  • Set up Clarity Data Transform to import JustGiving donation files weekly
  • Created an extensive suite of reports and dashboards
  • Set up GDPR solution for consent management
  • Provided user training to ensure a smooth transition

The Results

  • Integrated Salesforce with the Mary’s Meals website for supporter donations, and the creating and viewing of real-time fundraising projects
  • Enabled many more supporters to join and be engaged in Mary’s Meals’ vision
  • Improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the supporter and donation management processes, freeing up time for even more effective supporter engagement
  • Improved reporting capabilities and the level of management and operational information available across Mary’s Meals
  • Increased income due to improved reach through better data insights
  • Ability to easily create physical thanking letters that can be printed and sent to supporters
  • Enabled a seamless electronic submission of Gift Aid claims to HMRC and dramatically reduce the processing time
  • Ability to automate some of the manual work processes, thereby making staff time available for more valuable work, e.g. spend time analysing reports, instead of spending time creating reports
  • Reports can be obtained without having to rely on specialists