The Challenge

Recruiters and Co-ordinators completed various spreadsheets in Excel. Migrating processes to meant that Recruiters and Co-ordinators would be able to input the data directly into the system and would allow reports to be generated more easily.

The Solution

  • Salesforce as the ‘go to’ destination for recruiter management at SWWFL
  • SWWFL communicating with recruiters via Salesforce by email or chatter
  • Venues and Events easy to set up in Salesforce
  • Salesforce enables SWWFL to manage their recruiters and plot the recruitment journey
  • Allows SWWFL recruiters to input donor pledges against the relevant Trust and Venue or Event with less margin for error on input, and can provide recruiters with a list of all pledges logged on a weekly basis for checking
  • Aids the booking of venues and events and the allocation of sessions to recruiters
  • Enables automated emails to be sent to recruiters and other contacts, without the need for manual intervention
  • Recruiters able to update their own contact details