The Challenge

Spark Inside were using a CiviCRM system which was not working for them for a number of reasons. Spark Inside took the decision to cease using CiviCRM and move to using Salesforce’s CRM system.

Spark Inside were in need of someone to help implement Salesforce, and to help customise it’s interface to meet their organisational needs. They wished for Salesforce to be implemented within the same month.

Salesforce was the chosen platform to achieve these goals.

Project Aims

  • A tool to track attendees at coaching sessions
  • A database for contacts – trustees and advisors and organisations they work with
  • The ability to easily mass email these contacts from their CRM
  • The ability to easily analyse and create reports on the above
  • Did not wish to increase license costs but had a need for their Coaches to access Salesforce – a cost effective way that data can be entered into the CRM by the coaches
  • Data migration from CiviCRM of contacts, session attendance history and some organisations

The Solution

Access to our 5 Day Quick Start offer, which covered:

  • Time on site with their team to get a good understanding of how they work, their current processes and existing systems that they used
  • A database for contacts – trustees and advisors and organisations they worked with
  • Set up of the NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) and made additional customisation required to get them up and running as soon as possible
  • Set up of some really useful free apps for integration with Outlook; to easily send Mass Email and understand Social media activity
  • Set up of Salesforce Lead object to facilitate the transfer of contact details for people signing up for e-mails from their website or just general enquiries. Provided the HTML for incorporation into their website
  • Talking to them about how best we can migrate any existing data into their new CRM
  • Training their users on how to use the system
  • Supporting them in the first few weeks after they go live for questions/issues that come up
  • Providing a single contact person for the process from start to finish