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About Sweden for UNHCR

Sweden for UNHCR was formed in 2013 as a fundraising foundation and operates in the Swedish and Norwegian market with the aim of both raising money for UNHCR’s global operations and to strengthen visibility through communication and increase commitment to refugees.

The Challenge

Sweden for UNHCR has established its place in the Swedish charity sector through its strong performance in fundraising and its communications with society regarding the refugee cause. Being a relatively young charity in Sweden, they hope to further improve their brand recognition by carrying out robust marketing campaigns, providing donor-centric experience and organising efficient fundraising activities.

Due to the lack of proper integration between the CRM and the marketing and reporting tools, it had been slow and cumbersome to assess the performance of marketing and fundraising activities within the organisation. Running or customising the reports on donation, donor and marketing campaign records on any form were carried out by raising formal requests with the respective suppliers.

Project Aims

  • Sweden for UNHCR required an innovative, fast and efficient way of working as well as a cost-effective and profitable fundraising business
  • Sweden for UNHCR needed a process-oriented way of working and a tool to be able to do advanced and complex analysis, new donor processes and sophisticated marketing campaigns and sales activities
  • Report on fundraising and marketing activities faster and better
  • Reduce efforts on joining data from separate sources
  • Improve donor experience in all the communication channels
  • Have the potential to quickly expand donor base and escalate scale of donations
  • Enable Sweden for UNHCR to make best use of all the data assets as one organisation

The Solution

  • Unicorn, a Salesforce technology supported solution developed by both Giveclarity and UNHCR Global, was exactly what they needed. Giveclarity helped to install the package with all the necessary local customisations, whilst ensuring compliance with the HQ process and regulations
  • Implementation of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for CRM and to manage key fundraising activities such as regular and individual giving
  • Using the Synatic platform, UNHCR have worked to automate their banking process
  • Implementation of Giveclarity Apps: Clarity Banking for banking processing, and Clarity Data Transform for importing third party files
  • Implementation of Marketing Cloud to enable automatic personalized communication with their donors and to provide more data-driven analysis to help the charity make more informed decisions
  • Using Conga, the Salesforce integrated document merging tool, for managing offline donor communication at a large scale more efficiently
  • Successful web integration to connect the CMS website with Salesforce, and enable a seamless process of data capture and transformation in real time
  • User training from our dedicated Salesforce trainer to help ease staff onto the new system

The Results

Although the increase is mainly due to the support for Ukraine, Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud - along with the powerful solutions Giveclarity provide for both - all worked seamlessly to allow Sweden for UNHCR to grow this rapidly at scale:

  • Sweden for UNHCR ranked first place as the biggest fundraising organization in Sweden with a total fundraised of 1.8 billion SEK / £129 million
  • Sweden for UNHCR accounted for a total of 14% of all funds collected in Sweden - up from 4% in 2021
  • A total of 423,400 private donors donated to Sweden for UNHCR (up from 145,000 donors in 2021)
  • Sweden for UNHCR was ranked first place on both categories; 1. Income from organisations and companies (gifts, collaborations, and contributions) 2. Income from the public (gifts)

Giveclarity Lead Consultant on the project

Mengyao Xu Johndal

"Personally I think the biggest achievement of this project lies in the full picture. It feels great to see all these websites, systems and apps well integrated, connected and working seamlessly together.