The Challenge

The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation (PWCF) and its Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) had a requirement to implement a new computerised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and associated on going services (e.g. technical support). Each organisation both share functionality and data as well as have their own discrete functionality and data. This variation is driven by the CRM having a different primary purpose for each organisation; donor management for PWCF and contact / event management for A4S.

Project Aims

To satisfy both organisations’ requirements, the system must be able to fully support three main objectives:

  • The complete interaction and actions for ‘Contacts’ (donors, contacts or companies)
  • The lifecycle of donations made to the Foundation and grants awarded by the Foundation
  • Introduce a system, which can be implemented across other PWCF organizations in the future

Some of the anticipated benefits were:

  • Substantial reduction in paperwork
  • Internal staff collaborative working tools
  • Increase fundraising income by freeing up time for more effective donor cultivation
  • Increase automation of processes
  • Improvements to:
    • The quality of the day to day work produced
    • Reduction in time of the manual day to day tasks
    • Improvements in the accuracy of day to day tasks

The Solution

One instance of Salesforce was set up using standard objects where possible to meet the requirements with customisation as required.  For PWCF,  we set up a custom solution for Grant management i.e to capture the grant giving request form from the website, to store instalments related to grant giving, grant review tied up with web form on website

For A4S, we set up a custom solution for Project management i.e to capture details about Project and group, to store member information, to capture details around project review, capture organisations linked to project and group, recording interest in projects. Created various webforms for use with  the custom solutions mentioned above and configured  an event management app to manage complex events in salesforce.  We also used apps to generate PDF documents (S-Docs) using Salesforce data and set up a mass email tool.