About UNICEF Sweden

UNICEF provides children worldwide with education, nutrition and life-saving food, water, sanitation and hygiene, vaccines, emergency relief, and protection from violence.

UNICEF is the world’s leading children’s rights organization, and works in 190 countries. The work for the children is financed entirely by organisations and individual funds.

As one of 34 national committees around the world, UNICEF Sweden’s mission is to raise money, influence Swedish decision-makers and inform and educate about children’s rights.

The Challenge

UNICEF Sweden were using a legacy system, Donor Perfect Online (DPO), that is no longer supported. There were significant risks in having knowledge held by just a few individuals, especially with regards to backups. The number of supporters has been growing fast and UNICEF Sweden needed a modern system that could help them engage with those supporters efficiently and effectively.

UNICEF Sweden have been very successful at retaining and attracting new regular donors (termed “global parents”), with circa 300,000 such individual supporters, contributing circa £36 million in revenue per year. There was a significant risk of the legacy system and staff not being able to support this volume and the ongoing growth.

Project Aims

  • Business continuity
  • Better documented business processes, that could be managed by multiple users
  • More efficient business processes
  • A system that can be maintained with minimal internal IT skills
  • A modern market-leading cloud platform with an open API
  • Frequent upgrades
  • Scalable to allow for continued growth

The Solution

  • Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for CRM and to manage key fundraising activities such as regular and individual giving
  • Integrating a vast array of applications (a key Salesforce advantage):
    • Campaign Monitor using the Beaufort12 Salesforce connector
    • Nintex DocGen for thank yous, postal mail alerts etc.
    • ClickDeploy for managing deployments between environments
    • Website integration
    • Giveclarity apps: Clarity Banking (Giveclarity AppExchange App), for Banking processing – Autogiro reconciliation and follow-on processes
  • Supporter Care – making use of market-leading Salesforce Service Cloud functionality such as Email-to-Case, email templates, escalation rules, case queues, service console, etc.
  • Telemarketing – development of a telemarketing console in Salesforce, utilizing CloudCall and Service Cloud Omni-Channel to route outbound call tasks to agents
  • Export to Finance utilizing Giveclarity’s bespoke code
  • GDPR Consent Management in accordance with EU guidelines, using Giveclarity’s bespoke code for a ‘Marketing Consents’ object
  • Data Migration – including migrating 750,000 supporter records to Salesforce and importing files using our own dedicated app, Clarity Data Transform, along with Jitterbit.
  • Specialist trainer sent to Stockholm to lead training sessions.

The wonderful UNICEF Sweden team at Go-Live!



The Results

  • One of the key benefits for UNICEF Sweden is that the system represents the start of a journey that will provide a 360-degree single supporter view across the entire organisation
  • UNICEF Sweden are processing almost 300,000 recurring donations on a single day every month in Salesforce! A Giveclarity record and, as far as we know, the largest number of recurring donations being processed in a single day in an NPSP org anywhere in the world!
  • They massively reduced bank processing time from 24 hours a month to just 5 hours
  • The Supporter Care team save a lot of time by using email templates and quick response buttons
  • Reports can now be accessed at the ‘push of a button’

General Director of UNICEF Sweden

Pernilla Baralt

"UNICEF Sweden have now taken the next step to enhance our supporters’ experience. Salesforce’s dedication to non-profits and Giveclarity’s experienced team made them the right partners for us in this digital transformation. With this transformation UNICEF Sweden make significant strides toward our cause to reach a world where the rights of every child are realized”.

Marketing Automation Specialist, Unicef Sweden

Caroline Lanby

"I worked with a dedicated team from Giveclarity to implement Marketing Cloud with synchronization between NPSP.  They gave relevant recommendations and supported in critical moments.  I would therefore like to give Axel and Jeremy, who were part of the project, great praise for their commitment. We at Unicef now feel more inspired to move on to the next step with our work in Marketing Cloud".

The word from inside…

“Aske Bong-Saxe, lead consultant at Giveclarity, said “Throughout this project, from early scoping through to the build-phase, to testing, data migration and go-live planning, the core value that really seems to have guided everyone has been collaboration. The mutual trust and respect between the UNICEF Sweden, Salesforce and Giveclarity project teams has been absolutely amazing.”

Aske Bong-Saxe, lead consultant at Giveclarity


What next?

UNICEF Sweden also implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud with our specialist Marketing Solutions team.