About UNICEF Ireland

UNICEF Ireland is one of 33 independent, non-profit National Committees around the world that fully support UNICEF’s mission to advance the rights and well-being of children and youth. UNICEF Ireland’s role is to raise funds for UNICEF and advocate for the survival and well-being of every child, including through child rights education, in Ireland.

Find out more about their work here: https://www.unicef.ie/

Go Live: February 2024

The Challenge

  • UNICEF Ireland previously relied on an CRM system they had outgrown and manual processes for managing donors and fundraising. These methods had significant limitations, impacting the charity’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • The Donor Care Team managed data and processes using spreadsheets, resulting in data duplication, poor data quality and duplicates.
  • Time consuming processes – for example, UNICEF Ireland had to process all online donations manually resulting in challenges for our fundraising teams.
  • Data Sovereignty: UNICEF Ireland aimed to have full control over their data, reducing reliance on external partners for most processes. They sought to build in-house reporting and data handling capabilities to enhance efficiency and data sovereignty.

The Solution

  • Consolidated data from all sources to establish a single source of truth, ensuring high data quality through the application of rigorous data quality rules.
  • Provided a comprehensive, multi-purpose consent management solution.
  • Enabled seamless integrations with multiple website donation forms.
  • Delivered a streamlined, two-way integration with the Stripe payment processing platform.
  • Implemented the Clarity Banking solution for accurate collection of SEPA Direct Debit donations.
  • Developed a solution to ensure quick and consistent processing of Charitable Donations Scheme data.
  • Utilized the Clarity Data Transform solution to streamline the import of data from agencies, fundraising platforms, and other supporting systems.
  • Ensured the accurate exchange of financial allocations with accounting packages.
  • Unified the Individual Giving, Major Donor, Corporate, and Advocacy teams onto a single platform.
  • Delivered comprehensive end-user and administrator training to empower the client to maintain and enhance the implemented solution.

The Results

  • The automation of fundraising and marketing activities – saving time, reducing human error and increased efficiency e.g. automated donor journeys, payment processing, etc.
  • A reduction in complex manual activities through better system integrations
  • More accurate donor engagement through accurate segmentation/messaging
  • Enhanced data quality/integrity leading to more reliable data processing
  • Improved insight into fundraising and operational activities through analytics – providing oversight across all departments.

Marketing Cloud

  • 5 sets of ‘export to Telemarketing lists’ ready for agencies have been successfully setup and now running. These segments are fully automated each month, meaning these lists are ready to go in CSV format without having to spend time each month setting up this up.
  • Over 190k email sends, 32% open rate, 4.27% Click to Open rate (above average for non-profits)
  • A Cash to Pledge conversion journey on a Gaza campaign has just been setup and already producing results including 64 pledges with an average gift of €16.96
  • The donation amount resulting from one-off email campaigns within the Marketing Cloud was €238,963

The wonderful UNICEF Ireland team at their Go-Live party!




Director of Supporter Engagement and Digital Change Management

Justin Killeen

“We had an ideal experience with Giveclarity. We delivered on implementation on budget and on time - without any major issue. Truthfully, they made our implementation easy and it felt like a real partnership. They pushed back at times and made us engage in a real transformation - which of course produced the best solution. We also learned so much from the team - and are applying the ways of working we learned to our post Go Live work. We could not thank them enough for all their hard work and look forward to working them now and in the future."

Project Manager, Giveclarity

Ada Ferko

“It was as very rewarding project to manage. The working relationship between the UNICEF Ireland, UNICEF Programme and Giveclarity teams was smooth, professional and efficient. The team at UNICEF Ireland were very excited about the new opportunities Salesforce SES Core, CRM and Marketing Cloud will bring. Previously, UNICEF Ireland had a lot of offline, manual work in Excel to manage for their day-to-day processes. Now, they can already see countless benefits from the system with data flowing between systems automatically, providing them the ability and time to understand their data better, and to action insights quicker and more effectively."