Project Aims

The database is used to underpin service delivery and hold records on all clients, coaches and volunteers, which may also be accessed by other teams within the organisation. The services currently consist of a remote coaching service and feedback provided on CVs, covering letters and job applications. A Grants service has been launched too.

The database should be flexible enough to support the growth of volume in the current service, as well as the addition of new services if the charity decides to develop its offer in the coming years.

Details to be held on the system are:

  • Details of clients, coaches and volunteers
  • Coaches’ notes on sessions
  • Recordings of sessions taken from mobile phones
  • Client CVs and feedback from volunteers
  • Quality and evaluation data from webform, Survey Monkey and other sources
  • Data protection preferences and requests
  • Details of young women who become volunteers (Ambassadors, YWTAP etc.)
  • Details of partner organisations (that young women are signposted to)

The Solution

  • WORK IT OUT PROGRAMME: WIO data is held in a spreadsheet. The service started as a very small operation in Job Centres, and now YWT support over 2,000 young women with an aim to reach 10,000. The services provided are Coaching and Feedback. Clients can upload their CV for instance, and a Volunteer would provide feedback. Giveclarity used Salesforce Cases to manage this programme.
  • GRANT GIVING FUNCTIONALITY: YWT receive applications for grants from young women, for assistance with buying interview clothes, for instance. We deployed the ‘Outbound Funds NPSP Package’ with minimal configuration and customisation
  • SIGNPOSTING: Sometimes young women will be informed of other websites or services they can access. These need to be kept as records. We used standard salesforce Accounts and Contacts for this
  • CHATTER: Chatter Groups were set up for WIO, Participation, Grants, Volunteers, Coaches
  • MAIL MERGE: YWT send forms, cards etc. Giveclarity used Standard Salesforce mail-merge as volumes are low
  • REPORTS AND DASHBOARDS: Clients may ask for financial support for interview clothes, laptop, etc. YWT have a budget for grant giving and wanted a Grants (Given) Dashboard – what was the budget and what YWT have spent. This was made possible by using the new Grant Giving app
  • DATA BACKUPS: Scheduled back-ups – Salesforce provides the ability to schedule a complete backup of all data on a weekly basis