We Are A Social Enterprise.

What does that mean?

Giveclarity is a limited company but we are also a Social Enterprise, but what does that mean?

We have a clear social mission set out in our governing documents:

  • Our aim is to help make organisations be more efficient and effective, enabling them to focus greater attention on their core charitable and social aims
  • We are a business and we generate the majority of our income through trade
  • We reinvest the majority of our profits, to further our social mission
  • We are autonomous and are independent of the state
  • Our ownership and control is in the interest of our social mission
  • Our aim is to be accountable and transparent

What we do

Here is just some of the work we do as a Social Enterprise:

  • We work internally to develop reusable, proven quality solutions
  • We share knowledge through thought leadership at events, e.g. the Non Profit User Group
  • We encourage charities to support themselves
  • We hold regular success reviews with support clients
  • We seek to have happy staff who stay with us, providing continuity for clients
  • We invest 5% of our time on research and development
  • We also invest an extra 5% of our staff time on our social impact
  • We offer a Pro Bono Programme to smaller charities
  • We donate a share of our profits to charities
Our recent donations

How do our customers benefit?

And this is how it benefits you:

We are better able to deliver projects at minimal risk and in fewer days, saving money for our clients and helping them to maximise the benefits of their Salesforce investment.

You can enjoy continuity of Giveclarity team members they work with and benefit from our investment in research and development.

How we work

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