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In a nutshell

Clarity Banking is is an official Salesforce AppExchange application - a banking solution that saves you time and effort in the import and export of transactional data to and from banks, and other financial institutions.

Clarity Banking provisions the import/export of transactional data to/from banks, and other financial institutions. This highly flexible solution can serve a diverse range of data-exchange scenarios, and supports a wide range of file formats including: fixed-width, CSV and XML based files.

It is most often used to process Direct Debits, SEPA, Standing Orders, CAF, Payroll Giving/GAYE and other banking files.

The benefits

Here are some of the reasons our clients choose to use Clarity Banking

Flexibility to support a wide range of banks, both UK and international

Handles both BACS and SEPA formats and users can easily configure new file formats as required

Scalable to handle data volumes of any size

Including Large-Data-Volumes - tens of thousands of payments in an export

Improved accuracy and efficiency

Manual reconciliation is not only time consuming but also quite tedious and prone to errors, using our tool you only need to focus on the exceptions that arise

Happier staff

Their time is freed up so they can focus on other more strategic matters

No need for any additional data import tools

This tool does not require the use of any external Salesforce data loading tool

Saves time vs traditional reconciliation*

Methods using manual or complex imports - can fully automate previous manual reconciliation processes.

Clarity Banking features

Clarity Banking produces files in formats that can be configured for individual banks and clearing houses and can also handle the import of banking return files in a wide range of formats and file types including Fixed-width, CSV, Pattern Matching and XML based files.

There are two key functions to Clarity Banking:

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Export Banking transactions from Salesforce in the correct format to send to banks and other financial institutions (e.g. Direct Debit files) or receipting. The file format and structure is defined in a similar way to the import to support a range of different export operations.

The user can configure reusable templates for exporting files, defining the export format, and defining the fields to be exported.

Data can be exported from a variety of Salesforce standard and custom objects.


Clarity Banking can import banking files in complex formats into Salesforce, match and update an associated payment record in Salesforce relating to the financial transaction.

The tool can take data from the imported file and populate the matched record. So, for example it can mark a matched record as paid and update a date or amount field from the import file.

Response Code values can be defined to categorise the status of the import row to provide for specific processing for different types of imported data e.g. ‘Success’, ‘Failure’ or more specific responses.


Costs start from Per month



Per month

Other transaction costs may apply. Set up costs will also apply.


Costs start from Per month



Per month

Other transaction costs may apply. Set up costs will also apply.

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*The term ‘reconciliation’ here is used to describe the process of matching up payments on a one by one basis in the CRM against a banking file. It does not refer to an end of month type ‘reconciliation’ often carried out when a charity compares its CRM data against its bank account data for example.

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Some of our Clarity Banking customers

Here are some example use-cases of what our customers are using Clarity Banking for:
- Generation of Direct Debit lodgment/mandate/claim files and SEPA file generation
- Import of Direct Debit return files
- Import/reconciliation of Standing Order payments
- Import of transactions from payroll giving agencies

Our Customer Illustration

Don't take our word for it...

Head of IT - Greenpeace UK

“Does exactly what it says on the tin!

We have found this an easy to use (robust) product which creates reports that give insight on your BACS settlements (can handle a high volume of transactions).”

Andrew Hatton

Head of CRM - Compassion in World Farming

“Great App that allows us to run both UK BACS and SEPA Direct Debit claims in multiple countries.

In addition, we are also able to process return files to mark payments as failed, updating bank details etc quickly and easily - this used to be done manually, so this has proved a real time saver.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an app that will allow them to run Direct Debit claims easily.”

James Measey

Project Manager - Greenpeace France

“Clarity Banking app is the 'Pro-Tools' for non-profit organisations allowing SEPA compliant money collection without external financial intermediary. Fully configurable, Clarity Banking offers a great deal of options to comply with your local banking network.”

Arnaud Lordez

Want to find out more?

We'd love to speak with you about our highly-reviewed app!