Clarity Gift Aid.

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In a nutshell

Clarity Gift Aid is an official Salesforce AppExchange application that manages the recording of Gift Aid Declarations, the calculation of Gift Aid amounts and processing of Gift Aid claims to HMRC.

The Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of using Clarity Gift Aid

Saves you time when creating gift aid reports

No manual calculations or checking - it's all part of the app!

Ensures you only claim for eligible donations/products

You can set this to work specifically for your charity's needs

Minimise errors and avoid issues on HMRC audits

Donations are marked once you claim and the app won't allow you to submit invalid data

Improved visibility of your Gift Aid potential

Easily identify unclaimed Gift Aid so you can then generate additional income

Simplifies the processing of Gift Aid claims

Generate your claims at the touch of a button.

Clarify Gift Aid features

Here are just a few...

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Auto calculates the gift-aidable amount

Helping you avoid costly errors

Add multiple Gift Aid Declarations for each donor

Keep track of changes over time, useful for audits

Generate reports to check errors before submitting a claim

Using the Validation Error report check and correct data to maximize your revenue!

Submit Gift Aid Claims directly to HMRC through the Government Gateway

Submitting is easy, no time consuming uploads

Tried and tested

Clarity Gift Aid is listed on the HMRC Commercial software and services suppliers list

Handles large volume claims

Proven with over 200,000 records in a single claim


Costs start from Per Month



Per month

Other transaction costs may apply. Set up costs will also apply.


Costs start from Per Month



Per month

Other transaction costs may apply. Set up costs will also apply.

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Some of our Clarity Gift Aid customers

Other charities who have chosen Clarity Gift Aid...

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Don't take our word for it...

Head of CRM - Compassion in World Farming

“Clarity Gift Aid more than meets our expectations - it allows us to run claims, review errors and submit to HMRC very easily.

App is very well designed, works exactly as required and is also very well supported.

Highly recommended app.”

James Measey

Mary's Meals UK

“Last month's Gift Aid claim was the fastest ever!”

SRM Platform Manager, Unicef UK

“Thanks for helping ensure our biggest ever claim has successfully submitted to HMRC to which we are very grateful - the SMS claim is a significant milestone for us and our directors are thrilled this work is completed.”

Laura Smith

Christian Blind Mission

“The app provides a very simple and efficient method of submitting gift aid claims.”

Philip Nye

Database Manager, Smile Train

Found this a very good product. Giveclarity were very responsive in coming up with solutions to any problems that arose from some unusual aspects of our org, very pleased with their support.

Ann Kelly

Office Manager, PSPA

As a small charity, we encountered challenges in effectively claiming Gift Aid from donations. As such, we were genuinely pleased to come across an app that effectively managed the significant workload on our behalf. The process proved to be remarkably seamless, and collaborating with Giveclarity was a pleasurable experience. We highly recommend this app to any charity that is looking for a streamlined process for claiming Gift Aid.

Debbie Benadie