Marketing Cloud Check-Up

In a nutshell

Are you a charity or other organisation looking to get more from your marketing?
Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud but don't feel you are getting the most out of it?
Do you want to communicate with your supporters and customers using channels other than just email?
Disappointed with email performance or maybe you struggle to target the people you want?

We can help with our FREE Marketing Cloud Check-Up!

How does it work?
1. Complete the form below with your details to sign up.
2. One of our consultants will be in touch to get access to your Marketing Cloud account and ask some basic questions, they will then carry out the review.
3. We will set up a time to provide feedback via an online session and leave you with a written document providing our recommendations.

The benefits

Why should you take advantage of our Free Salesforce Marketing Cloud Check-Up?

Boost your Journeys

Assess the effectiveness of your donor or customer journeys and automation workflows by identifying areas for improvement. Explore new channels and integration with offline channels such as direct mail and telemarketing.

Maximise Security

Ensure the data and sensitive information from your supporters is protected with robust security measures tailored to your needs.

Improved Delivery

Analyse your email deliverability rates, identify potential issues, and implement best practices to maximise the success of your email campaigns.

Optimise Subscriber and Data Management

Streamline your data collection and management processes, facilitate better segmentation and personalisation. Optimise your subscriber lists and reach the right audience with the right message.

Enhance Content Creation

Evaluate your content creation process to ensure consistent and impactful messaging across all channels.

Set Benchmarks

Our Check-up enables you to instantly see overall account health and help benchmark success by comparing to industry average

Marketing Cloud Check-Up Features

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The Aim

Our expert consultant will perform a thorough analysis of your Marketing Cloud account, focusing on key areas such as Security, Subscriber Management, Delivery Management, Data Management, Content and Journey Management. By examining each of these areas we can provide you with invaluable insights into how well your account is configured and used.

The Outcome

Upon completion of the health check, we will set up a call and provide you with a written report highlighting our findings and recommendations. This report will serve as a roadmap to help you unlock the full potential of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, enabling you to connect with your audience more effectively and achieve your organisation’s goals.

Want to find out more?

We'd love to speak with you about how we can help you level-up your Marketing Cloud performance!

Don't take our word for it...

Support Journey Manager, Worldwide Cancer Research

“It was a big, complicated project for us, and some team members were brand new. The turnaround was quick which meant that the pace of learning was also quick. Giveclarity encouraged us do some of the build ourselves with their support so that we could learn about Marketing Cloud in a practical way and how best to use it. Our learning curve was steep, but the rewards have paid off in how comfortable we now feel using the tool.”

Jodie Mitchell

Marketing Automation Specialist, Unicef Sweden

"I worked with a dedicated team from Giveclarity to implement Marketing Cloud with synchronization between NPSP.  They gave relevant recommendations and supported in critical moments.  I would therefore like to give Axel and Jeremy, who were part of the project, great praise for their commitment. We at Unicef now feel more inspired to move on to the next step with our work in Marketing Cloud".

Caroline Lanby

Former Senior ICT Project Manager, The Trussell Trust

“Giveclarity was a natural fit for us here at the Trussell Trust, choosing them as our implementation partner was the best decision for our project. From the very start they understood our landscape and the journey we wanted to go on. They supported us through every stage of our Marketing Cloud rollout and have always been willing to go that extra mile. I am very grateful for their knowledge and expertise during this project.”

Hayley Roberts