Salesforce Training.

In a nutshell

Ok, you’ve got Salesforce set up. You’re ready to go. Wait! Without sufficient training your users may be simply terrified of touching Salesforce, which wont help with your user adoption! This is where we can help, enabling you to get the best out of Salesforce.

Working solely with non profits and charities, we understand that end users may not be technologically savvy or even have the time to learn Salesforce themselves.

That’s why we offer a bespoke range of Salesforce courses, which accommodate your working practices and internal ‘language’. We know by using this approach that adoption and acceptance of change is greatly increased.

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Training for all levels

From classroom-based, hands on training to online sessions and user guides - we have it all!
  • Standard user training offering a foundation of training (i.e. login, user interface, objects, records etc.)
  • Customised user training - scenario based, and relevant to the individual’s role (how to set up a campaign, manage donations, etc.)
  • System Administrator specific - includes end user elements plus any administrator tasks as needed (i.e. user management, sandboxes etc.)
  • Train-the-trainer - we can help upskill a new trainer and get them up to speed with your Salesforce instance, plus provide coaching so they are confident with session planning, creation and delivery in all formats
  • Training for particular apps or specific features within the Salesforce ecosystem - e.g. Non Profit Cloud, Marketing Cloud....
  • Ad-hoc refreshers or top-ups - as your teams change, we can help you keep them upskilled

Our dedicated Salesforce training team, Katie Ross & Nicola Richards, will put you at ease...

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Some of our training customers

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Don't take our word for it...


“Katie was brilliant, very confident in her ability, skills and an excellent communicator. After our 1st training session with Katie, I definitely felt more optimistic about using Salesforce. I believe effective training could provide users with confidence to deliver an outstanding service to their customers."


Fundraising Director, Ben (an automotive industry charity)

“Katie's training made me whimper! Her ability to read a group of people and adapt what is quite complex delivery to meet the demands, and the skill level, of the group is exceptional. Katie made something that was quite daunting seem very straightforward and I've left not only feeling confident about using Salesforce, but confident we chose the right partner in GiveClarity and made the right investment in Salesforce over other platforms. Highly recommended, the lot of them!"

Matt Wigginton

Compassion in World Farming International

“Katie is a master trainer! Patient and skillful, she made the whole session extremely helpful by answering all our questions and showing us new tricks.”

Children's Health Foundation

“Katie is ever so calm and collected and a very good instructor."

"I like that it's interactive, that the groups are small and there are opportunities to ask questions."



“The support and training from Giveclarity have been very helpful and important in the transformation to build and maintain a new level of donor experience."

Project Team

Want to find out more?

We'd love to speak with you about our award-winning solutions!