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  • Are you graduating this summer or maybe you have already graduated but are looking for a fresh challenge?
  • Keen to develop market leading IT skills further but also have a passion for the Tech for Good sector?

Then read on and find out more about Clarity Campus….


What is Clarity Campus?

It’s a 12-week programme (with a salary from day 1), starting in September this year and based out of the Giveclarity office in Belfast. The programme has been developed to train graduate-level employees in the basics of Salesforce CRM development and gain the industry-level experience needed to work in the not-for-profit space!

You’ll learn not only the technical ins and outs of Salesforce and how to write high quality code, but also how to talk the language of charities and non profits. You will learn how charities use Salesforce to meet their fundraising goals. It will include details on how to plan, design, build and support Salesforce solutions using the capabilities of the platform: including the configuration of databases and platform automation, programming using Apex & JavaScript, integrations, and working with Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack.

At the end of the 12 weeks, candidates have had a chance to gain industry-recognised and highly sought-after certifications (Salesforce Certified Administrator & Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I), with the ultimate goal being a permanent Trainee Salesforce Technical Consultant position at Giveclarity.


What is it like to work at Giveclarity?

Our Customer Illustration

The simple answer is that no two days are the same. The long answer is: How important is it to you to make an impact in the world by helping non-profit organisations achieve their goals? The roles at Giveclarity are challenging and will put both your creative skills and your problem-solving skills to the test, but when you see the difference it makes to our clients it makes all your efforts incredibly rewarding.

“I have recently joined Giveclarity as a Support Developer where I have to investigate a wide range of issues raised by Giveclarity customers. It’s a very challenging role and exciting at the same time. There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow our skills, as the role is not confined to a single area. The team here is very supportive and approachable. There are endless opportunities for growth professionally. The company also supports us by funding our Salesforce certifications.”

Mou Ghosh – Salesforce Developer at


Why Giveclarity?

There are many Salesforce partners but Giveclarity is a Salesforce partner that works solely with charities and non-profit organisations: from small, community-based charities to the world’s biggest including UNHCR, UNICEF, Greenpeace, and many more! We are a social enterprise and are keen to reinvest back into our local community too and we continually work with to build out their Nonprofit Cloud offering.


Why Belfast?

Giveclarity has a strong technical team based in Northern Ireland who have set up similar Salesforce programmes in the past. As a result of the excellent universities in Northern Ireland and the wide breadth of technical talent available in the area, it made Belfast the ideal location to develop a Giveclarity Salesforce technical hub!

We’re incredibly excited to work with local universities & students to raise awareness for the Tech for Good sector here in Belfast! We all want our job to be more than just a job, for it to have a meaning. I personally feel like I’ve found that working for Giveclarity: I get to spend my day enabling charities to raise funds for great causes.

Clarity Campus is a way for new talent to take their first step into the non-profit sector and discover this for themselves!


About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s no. 1 Customer Relationship Management tool. Individuals with Salesforce knowledge and experience are highly sought after at the moment. The demand for Salesforce skills has dramatically increased over the past number of years – demand is massively exceeding the supply of talented and trained individuals available.

Qualified and experienced Salesforce professionals have many opportunities available to them in the future. The increasing demand for Salesforce Developers and the growing Salesforce economy means that these professionals find themselves in a good position.


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Written by

Julia Whitehead