Giveclarity donate over £50,000 to charity!


As part of our commitment to giving back, Giveclarity are delighted to be able to support 7 charities this year with a combined donation of £50,000.


New Ways – Nursery Program in Ethiopia

New Ways are a UK registered charity established in 1994, supporting development work in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Malawi with a particular focus on education, small scale agriculture, healthcare and nutrition as well as water infrastructure projects. As part of our continued support for New Ways, we will be funding 8 Mother and Child Centres across Ethiopia.

This was the second year in a row we have contributed to New Ways, and this year we donated £20,000.

Angela Docherty, Chief Executive Officer at New Ways says:

“New Ways are delighted to receive such a generous donation from Giveclarity for such an important project. The eight Mother and Child Centres supported in rural areas of Ethiopia aim to improve nutrition and pre-school education for children aged between four and six. A daily breakfast and lunch rich in proteins and vitamins will help to ensure the healthy growth and development of the 1,296 nursery children. Our sincere thanks for the continued support of Giveclarity which will enable the children to get much more out of their education and will help provide them with a brighter future.”


Getting on board

Getting on Board is on a mission to change the face of trusteeship by supporting people across society into charity trusteeship, and charities to recruit and retain a diverse range of trustees.

The Charity Board Leadership Programme is a unique course for people who are serious about building a charity trusteeship into their portfolio career, active retirement or career path. 80% of participants become a trustee in the first year. It aims to help people who wouldn’t otherwise become trustees to become trustees and specifically to increase the number of trustees who are people of colour. Just 8% of trustees are people of colour despite representing 14% of the general population. We also know that people of colour tend to receive less budget for their own professional development from their employer and are often overlooked for CPD opportunities.

Giveclarity’s Functional Consultant Manager, Safiyyah Gareeboo says:

“Getting on Board’s Charity Board Leadership Programme gave me the confidence to become a trustee in May 2023. I’d recommend it to anyone considering becoming a trustee who isn’t sure where to start and perhaps feels as though there are barriers to entry for them. The course coached us to prepare, be informed and reassure us that there are roles to suit all kinds of people.”


The Listening Place

The Listening Place (TLP) provides ongoing, face-to-face, and non-judgemental support to people in London who feel life is no longer worth living. Visitors to The Listening Place are supported at fortnightly, in-person appointments by a team of highly trained volunteers and receive support for as long as it takes to reduce their suicidal feelings.

The charity also has strong evidence to show that their support works, with their visitors reporting a highly significant reduction in suicidal feelings after accessing their service. In the words of one of their visitors: “The Listening Place has been a lifeline for me when I was at a place of loss. My volunteer has helped me to understand my emotions and regulate my thoughts through reflection and talking about why I feel the way I do at times of darkness. I will forever be grateful to his listening and compassion.”

Isabella Ley, Senior Fundraiser
“TLP would like to say a huge thank you to Giveclarity for their very generous £5,000 donation, which will go towards funding our Hammersmith Centre Manager, and hot drinks for our visitors, helping us to provide our visitors with warm, responsive support and making them feel welcomed when they arrive for appointments.”


Trust for Child Soldiers


The Trust for Child Soldiers supports people in northern Uganda, a deeply impoverished area still affected by the armed conflict which ended in 2006, in order to relieve poverty and mental distress and promote well-being. Working through volunteers at a micro-scale, usually through word of mouth and community connections, they respond to immediate need (healthcare, accidents or deaths in a family, unexpected legal costs, etc) and support people looking to build businesses with seed funding.

Julian Hopwood, Trustee for TCS, says:

“Your donation will affect many young lives here. Education, even primary, is far from universal in Uganda, and our local cost of living crisis, which has seen food prices increase massively in the past year, has made it yet more difficult for poorer parents to afford to send their kids to school. Giveclarity’s generosity will enable us to strategically assist children from marginalised families in various ways – both through school fees and related costs, but also by helping families to expand their livelihoods such that they can achieve a degree of stability, and, though maybe gradually, take on these costs themselves. By getting to know these families, and offering ongoing support as well as money, we try to maximise the chances of success. We are really very grateful indeed – given our scale of operations this is a huge boost.”

Human Needs Project

Human Needs Project currently work in Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa, situated in Nairobi, Kenya. The residents of Kibera face many challenges including extreme poverty, high unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, a lack of sanitation facilities, frequent flooding, disease and elevated child mortality rates.

At HNP’s Kibera Town Centre, they offer a comprehensive solution under one roof, providing essential services and skill-building opportunities alongside an in-house savings and credit cooperative.

HNP have recently constructed a community-operated Water Bottling Plant. Giveclarity are contributing to the installation of a solar system on the plant’s roof, ensuring clean, sustainable, uninterrupted and off-grid production.

“Every day, women worldwide spend an astonishing 2 million hours fetching water — a precious resource that could instead be directed towards education, family, or financial pursuits. The Human Needs Project is rewriting this narrative in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum, with its groundbreaking initiative: the first-ever community-operated Water Bottling Plant. Supported by Giveclarity, this project isn’t just about providing water access. It’s about combating time poverty and unleashing the untapped potential of women.” 

Kristina Yarmolich, HNP US Operations Director.



Redthread is a multi-award-winning charity with over 20 years’ experience of delivering pioneering youth work in hospitals and health settings. We work across 13 hospitals in London and the Midlands with 11-25 year olds who are affected by grooming, sexual and criminal exploitation, violence, emotional and physical harm, mental health issues, domestic violence and modern slavery.

Giveclarity’s generous donation to Redthread’s core function will support us to continue sharing our deep expertise and knowledge gained from this work, and to play a key advocacy role in amplifying the voices of children and young people to influence national policy and practice. Thank you for helping us to empower children and young people affected by violence and exploitation to live safer, healthier, and happier lives.

I’ve come a long way… that’s down to you. You’ve changed my mind set and now I believe I have potential.” – Young person


Glass Door

Giveclarity are proud to be match funding Glass Door Homeless Charity’s Spring Appeal up to £5,000, helping guests find a permanent pathway out of homelessness.

Glass Door partners with churches and community centres to give shelter and support to those in need across London.  They offer expert advice on accessing healthcare, obtaining identity documents, finding employment and, ultimately, how to move out of homelessness.

This year Glass Door created their first ever women’s night shelter circuit, providing a safe and secure environment where women can feel listened to, supported and empowered. Glass Door’s commitment to meeting the needs of women experiencing homelessness has resulted in a 233% increase in the number of shelter spaces for women.

Taking a gendered and trauma-informed approach to their work, Glass Door prioritises tailored support for women, including weekly Glass Door casework drop-in for women staying at the women’s night shelters and the opportunity to work with a woman caseworker.

From Hellen, a Glass Door Guest:

“After everything I’d been through, having someone by my side made all the difference.”


As a Social Enterprise, Giveclarity invest 50% of our profits back into the business and the sector. Learn more here.

Written by

Celine Russell