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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 – marks the introduction of new and important changes to Gift Aid.

In October 2015, HMRC published a new, shorter model Gift Aid Declaration. The new declaration will apply to all donations so if your charity wants to claim Gift Aid on donations in the future it’s important that the declarations you use are up to date.

Here is some useful information from Barry Gower, Gift Aid Consultant

“Wednesday, 06 April 2016 – marks the introduction of new and important changes to Gift Aid

From 06 April 2016 your Gift Aid Declarations will need specifically to highlight the fact that, if sufficient tax has not been paid to cover the Gift Aid on a donation, HMRC will look to the donor to make up the difference. In addition, whilst historic Gift Aid Declarations will not automatically cease to be valid from today, if a declaration is made today using old wording, it may not meet HMRC’s requirements and so would not be valid.

The charity sector has however worked with HMRC to improve the Gift Aid Declarations and HMRC have removed the requirement relating to VAT and Council Tax not qualify for Gift Aid purposes, and made the statement much shorter and simpler. The resultant HMRC’s model Gift Aid Declaration also has the signature requirement removed.

Whilst the introduction of change often causes some disruption, this should not be seen as a deterrent to what is a very lucrative source of income.”

Here’s a link to the latest Model Gift Aid Form provided by HMRC Model Gift Aid Declaration.

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